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Qualification for Application

For foreigners with foreign parents or those who completed an entire curriculum of 16 years or more in a foreign country equivalent to elementary, junior and high school as well as a university in Korea, those possessing linguistic (Korean or English) proficiency at a certain level will be able to attend lectures of the relevant department.


  • Master’s Programs
    Those graduated or expect to graduate from a 4-year college (university) in Korea or abroad
  • Doctoral Programs
    Those who obtained or expect to obtain a Master’s degree from a graduate school in Korea or abroad
  • Master’s/Doctoral Integrated Programs
    Those who graduated or expect to graduate from a 4-year college (university) in Korea or abroad
  • [Language Ability Requirement]
  • Each department and major has different language ability requirement.
  • Please check the admission guideline.
 Type  Language Ability Requirment

 ① Those who have level 4 or above in the Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK)


 ② Those who have English score above 530 in TOEFL PBT, 197 in TOEFL CBT, 71
    in TOEFL iBT, 5.5 in IELTS, B2 in CEFR, 600 in TEPS, 327 in NEW TEPS

 ※ If the applicants' country uses English as mother tongue or an official language, applicants

     can substitute certificate of higher education with English as a medium of instruction for

     official language score.


  Those who have level 4 or above of TOPIK are only allowed to apply.

  The minimum level is higher than level 4 for some departments and majors






Required Documents  


 ※ A written pledge of guarantee for overseas study expenses by a financial supporter
 (It may be replaced with an application form for admission and the signature of a guarantor is necessary)

 ※ Every applicants have to register on-line application through the website also. Detailed information will be noticed

     in the application period(












 Application Form for  Admssion                     

 - Every applicants have to register on-line application

    through the web-site from StudyinKorea

 - Detailed information/link will be noticed in the application

    period (

 2   Color Photo

 - 3.5*4.5cm(White background)
 3   Undergraduate  Transcript

 - Original or Notarized certificates in English or Korean

 - Transcripts must contain credits and obtained scores

   (marks) of each subject, C.G.P.A.(Cumulative Grade Point

   Average, 4.0/4.3/4.5)) or percentage of applicant's total

   grade the whole program

 4   Graduate Transcript - -

 Undergraduate  Diploma

 * Additionally required documents for the applicants graduated from overseas university


  a) Chinese Students(Choose 1)


-Original English degree certirfication report issued by China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center(CHESICC: AND original copy of diploma notarized in Korean or English.

*Applicants who submit these documents must additionally submit original diploma approved by Korean embassy in China or Chinese Embassy in Korea after they get admitted. 

-Diploma approved by the Korean Embassy in China

-Diploma approved by the Chinese Embassy in Korea 


 b) International students, except Chinese(Choose 1)


-Diploma accredited by Apostille

-Diploma approved by the Korean Embassy in students' country

-Diploma approved by the Embassy of students’ country in Korea

 6   Graduate Diploma                       - -

 Study Plan

 (DOWNLOAD문서 다운로드

 - Designated Form

 Confirmation letter  of

 Pre- contacting  with a professor for admission      

 (DOWNLOAD문서 다운로드

 - Professor who applicants pre-contacted for admission will

    prepare and submit it to Graduate School Office

 - Check the requirements of pre-contatct on the admission brochure

 9   Letter of  Recommendation 

 - Letter of Recommendation from the academic advisor

   (or Chief of department or dean of college) of the university

    graduated from



 Financial  Certifications

 ① A Financial guarantor’s bank statement (from the applicant’s  own country or a resident of Korea with a record of continuous

deposits for 1 month or more) worth US$20,000

  * This deposit must be in the applicant’s or parents' or spouse’name (If the financial guarantor is parents or a spouse, the relevant part in an application form should be signed by them.)

 ② Applicants who get Scholarships from government or other institutions except Ajou University : Certificate of a scholarship payment for tuition and living expense

 ③ If the financial guarantor is a faculty member of the Ajou university, there is no document that the applicant has to sumbit

(If the applicant is successful, the department will prepare(issue) some documents for the applicant to use them when he or she applies for the visa.)

 11   Photocopy of  Applicant’s


 * Photocopy of Certificate of Alien Registration

  (confined to foreign residents in Korea)

 12   Certificate of  Language    Proficiency 

- Korean: TOPIK
 * It is mandatory to submit level 4 or above of TOPIK for some departments and majors.(Please refer to Language Ability Requirement)
- In order to enter the degree program for 2020 Fall semester, applicants who aren’t satisfied with the language requirement at the time of application must submit the language score by July 31, 2020. 
 * Required documents for those who do not submit the language transcript in application: Application Sheet(or test identification slip) of official language test and Confirmation of Insufficient Language Proficieny (applied to both an applicant and professor) (Designated form) (DOWNLOAD문서 다운로드 문서 다운로드
- Only valid language proficiency tests are accepted.

  *Please check the expiration date on the certificate of language test result. The expiration date must be valid until September 2nd, 2020
- Certificate for Admission can be issued and sent to students after they submit their official language score and prove that they are satisfy the language requirement.
- A student whose official language or mother tongue is English can replace the official language transcript with a certificate to show your higher education was entirely taken in English.

 ※ Certificate of Admission can be issued and sent to students after they submit their

    official language score and prove that they are satisfy the language requirement


Documents to Confirm Eligibility (Either of two below)

Type of Eligibility


 Foreign nationals whose parents are of foreign nationality

 - Each parent’s certificate of foreign nationality

   (certificate of naturalization or passport)

 - Photocopy of Certificate of Alien Registration(if residing in Korea)            

Overseas Koreans and foreigners who completed an entire curriculum for a period of 16 years or more in foreign countries

*Does not apply if the applicant is a foreigner whose parents are of foreign nationality.

 - Diplomas from elementary, junior high and high schools and official transcripts of all grades



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