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Academic Adivisor

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Organization of Advising Committee

  • Time of assignment : By the early part of the second semester
  • Organization of the Advising Committee
     - Master's program : Organized with two or more persons including the academic advisor
     - Doctorate program and integrated program : Organized with three or more persons including the academic advisor
  • Procedure to organize the Advising Committee : Recommendation of dean of department (consult with applicable student and academic advisor) → Commissioned by the Dean of department


Qualification of Academic Advisor (Rule of Graduate school No.26)

  • Qualification of academic advisor for Master's, Ph.D and Integrated courses is full-time professor in Ajou University and majored same field of study with students(Full-time professor with doctorate degree or Associate Professor above in Ajou University for students in Medical School)
  • Full-time professor(associate professor and above in Ajou University) with doctorate degree and same major field of study with students and same position in Ajou.(when the student worked in Ajou university as a professor)
  • In the event of appointing external personnel as a joint academic advisor, dean of department get a confirmation from chairman of department(of Dean of graudate school)



Change of academic advisor and advising member

  • Cause of change : It is limited to the cases of having the causes (disease, leave of absence, dispatch to overseas and others) of impossility to advise the student.
  • Required document : Petition for change of academic advisor (Make sure to record the cause of change)
  • Procedure : Confirmations from the current academic advisor (member) and academic advisor (member) to be changed → Confirmation of dean of department → Approval of dean of department

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